Terms & Conditions

1. Safety instructions and Conditions for Bicycle RENTAL

  1. Cycling on bike paths, trails outside regulated environment and in the roads/expressways, is at your own risk.
  2. 2. T4B & MBS is not responsible for personal injury, damage to bicycles and/ or cycling equipment, theft of a bicycle and/or cycling equipment that occurred during the rental period.
  3. 3. In the event of damage to the borrowed bicycle due to negligent use, the borrower will be held responsible for all repair costs and he or she will have to settle the bill.
  4. 4. In the event of damage to the rented bicycle because of unfortunate coincidences (fall, car accident, etc.) the borrower and the lender (T4B & MBS) will reach an agreement that will benefit both. But only in the case that the borrower didn't made an agreement with the person responsible for the accident (example: driver of a car, motorbike etc.) to cover the cost of repair. In that case, the borrower will not have to pay anything, assuming that the repair cost will be covered by the responsible person for the accident. AGE LIMIT FOR BICYCLES RENT
  5. 5. Children aged 5-16 years must be accompanied by a parent /legal guardian (18 years or older). The parent or guardian of the child must sign a declaration to rent bikes. NOTICE AND ADVICES FOR CYCLISTS, PARENTS AND LEGAL GUARDIAN
  6. 6. Injuries sometimes, unfortunately, occur. ( T4B & MBS ) strongly recommends the use of helmets
  7. 7. The rider should not try to ride difficult terrain without proper knowledge, experience and equipment to effectively overcome such terrain. We recommend cyclists to carry with them a mobile phone with a stored number of local emergency services Local emergency services number: 9999. T4B & MBS number (bicycles renting point): 22575544